Welcome, alumni!

Hello alumni! Here is a collection of resources to help you connect with alumni, current students, and the college. Join groups, start discussions, and do something!

This site is a growing collection of resources assembled by alumni. File an issue on our Github page to get things added or updated. Your help is welcome!

— Greg ‘10, Tim ‘13, Bonnie ‘17, Nick ‘17

Upcoming Events

For all events, visit the Event Google Calendar

Olin Organizations

Some cool stuff happening on campus

Career Resources

Post Graduate Planning Office

Post Graduate Planning can help alumni looking for jobs or in grad school, as well!

Software Engineering

Many Oliners become software engineers, designers, data scientists, and product managers.

Grad School

Stay in Touch

Regional Lists

Join a mailing list for your location in the world. Ask questions about housing, hear about alumni events, and share local news.

Other Groups

  • Olin Women — Discussions among faculty, staff, alumnae, and current students of Olin College who identify as women.
  • Oliners of Color — Here is a place to talk about our experiences navigating race and culture at Olin and in greater America, and to share things we find along the way.
  • Olin Randomness — Anything and Everything.


There is a Slack for Olin students and alumni at olin.slack.com. Slack is basically a chat room, sort of like IRC.

Olin Alumni Council

The Olin Alumni Council is the representative body for Olin Alumni. Hit us up at oac@lists.olin.edu to get in touch, or contact your class rep directly. The OAC by-laws are available on github.

Board Members

  • President — Lindsay Gordon, '07
  • President-Elect — Kristina "Nina" Cary '08
  • Past-President — Bennett Chabot, '09
  • Secretary — Graham Hooton, '14
  • Treasurer — Bonnie Tesch, '07


  • Alumni Coordinator — Graham Hooton ‘14 — Connect alumni with each other, professionally and socially. Initiatives may involve more professional development opportunities or more cross-class social events.
  • Students & Friends Coordinator — Eric Kolker ‘13 — Connect alumni with current students, and other friends of the college. Initiatives may involve more programs like Banter, helping current students with job-searching, or seeing what opportunities exist between Parents and Alumni.
  • College Coordinator — Bennett Chabot ‘09 — Connect alumni with the college’s administration. Initiatives may involve coordinating Development activities with the college, or finding ways alumni can benefit from on-campus resources like the Library.

Class Reps

  • 2006 — Janet Tsai
  • 2007 — David Boy
  • 2008 — Avery Anderson
  • 2009 — Jessie Donahoe
  • 2010 — Sarah Allen
  • 2011 — Claire McLeod
  • 2012 — Meghan Murray
  • 2013 — Rachel Bobbins
  • 2014 — Larissa Little, Brendan Quinlivan
  • 2015 — Shane Skikne
  • 2016 — Mitch Cieminski

Committees & Points of Contact

  • Events — Polina Segalova
  • Communications — Graham Hooton
  • Development and Philanthropy — Bennett Chabot
  • Banter — Tara Krishnan and Sara Wheeland
  • Student Recruiting — Hannah Sarver